DJ QwanTim


Tim Puckett, A.K.A. DJ QwanTim, is an up-and-coming club DJ and electronic music producer from Helena, Montana.  He has gained recognition from fans around the world in his exclusive dance parties in Glacier National Park, Helena, Montana, and Aspen, Colorado.

His high-energy shows often blend a number of different genres, including bass-heavy Electro House and Dubstep, crowd-pleasing Top 40, and old-school Hip-Hop.  His long-running weekly show at Jester's Bar in Helena, called the Dirty Disco, also included rock, reggae, and world beats, and was known for its uniqueness in a town with virtually no club scene, and fun, cheeky gimmicks including free glowsticks, jello shots, and an amateurs-only portable stripper pole.

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